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If you're addicted to the seventh art or follow a lot of TV shows, you know that finding everything you're looking for is sometimes difficult. Maybe your favorite downloads site doesn't have the movie you want to watch, or you don't have subtitles for a particular episode, or perhaps you have to go to various platforms to find everything you need. Novaroma does comprehensive searches so you don't have to manually visit the sites you usually use for downloading one by one.

This program works with uTorrent. If you don't have that installed, the tool's mobile version will automatically open, so you won't have to worry about whether you've downloaded the program beforehand. Its interface is very convenient and intuitive, so knowing where and how to download each file won't be difficult.

The download process is as simple as it is fast. First of all, when you do your search you'll get access to each movie's or TV show's fact sheet, which includes the duration, genre, iMDb rating, and actors, among other details.

To send the episodes or movies you're interested in to the download queue, just double-click the cover and the download will begin automatically. In the activity window you can check that everything is under control and the download is going smoothly.
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